Da Garden 2009
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Obama won = Victory Garden! Da Economy sucks = Survival Garden!
Okie is hungry = Okra Garden!  Well- its OUR Garden!

Just starting to plant on May 18, 2009
Just starting to plant on May 18, 2009
Roma tomatoes as of 6-28-09.
Da Garden as of July 15th, 2009
Our Garden is dedicated to Bob's mom and Jim's grandmother.
Manoa lettuce as of 6-28-09
winter squash has a zillion blooms!
Eggplant waiting to bloom!
Manoa lettuce pulled up because the winter squash was overtaking it! Lucky it is ready enuf 4 salad.

We thought since we live in a rain forest that we should plant a garden.  So, we finally did!  So far we have planted black beauty eggplant, Roma tomatoes, Chinese okra (dries into loofah sponges!), spinach, manoa lettuce, broccoli (its not going to pull through :( ), two kinds of green okra and winter squash (yeah, I know, but the seeds were just there- you know what I mean?).  I have burgundy okra, climbing tomatoes and Serrano pepper plants in containers and seedlings of asparagus starting for a smaller 4'X4' plot as well!  I can't wait to have Fried Okra and Fried Green Tomatoes! YUM!

Kauai- no place mo bettah!