Bob's Poetry
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Here is some of my poetry! 

Barbie in her Nuclear Dreamhouse
Life's Waitress
Strange Bedfellows
Thanksgiving . . .
January 17, 1991

Thoughts and Maybe-nots-

a Tangled Web of

Dreams, Desires and Politics

Gently nestled

amidst Life’s dramas

personal traumas

and the ho-hum rut

of day to day

She dreamt a dream

of personal freedom

of caring if society

is sharing with you

your thoughts,

actions, morals, sins or


Vogue and sleek

she strives to ajar

the very senses of

the "popular" bar

Big, tough men-

NOTIFY their next of kin

for they’re all wearing 501’s

how gay (I should say)

but straight or gay

does it really matter

as long as there is

someone flattered?

someone trying, someone tried

one who bought it

one who hanged

and one who didn’t give a damn!

Hey- that one was me-

because you see


the Odd One

the Wizard

Franciscan from the Baja,

Faggot from the Tenderloin!

And not to coin

a phrase too new

but I get so damned blue

every time I see

little, closed tight minds

running our country-

running it right

into the ground!

Well, the rage is

no longer raccoon coats

its in our hearts

and in our minds

and I assure you

every time you try

you try to stifle, stop

or edit something new-

you merely discredit

your fatal zoo

again and again-

and so again-

we beg, we plead,

we pray-

Return our country

to Movie- Grade "A"

Bob Wilson

(during the Reagan era)

Kauai- no place mo bettah!